What makes us who we are

TPRS® Books is an family owned and operated company that offers workshop training as well as books and other helpful materials for foreign language teaching.

TPR Storytelling® is a registered trademark owned by Blaine Ray Workshops, Inc.

TPRS® (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling®) is a method of teaching languages with interactive oral stories and readings. Student pick up, or acquire, the language by listening and understanding. Fluency comes as a result. Developed in the late 1980's by Blaine Ray, hundreds and maybe thousands of teachers have helped contribute to what the method is today. This company has a passion for training teachers to apply and expand theories of language acquisition for the purposes of classroom teaching.  Throughout the summer months, TPRS® Books recruits some of the most gifted TPRS/CI teachers to train teachers in Blaine Ray workshops all over the United States.

Blaine Ray has devoted his life to classroom teaching and improving the quality of language education. Even in his 60's, Blaine is still traveling all over the United States and the world giving workshop trainings, guest teaching as a volunteer, consulting with language departments, improving his own teaching, and constantly searching for what yields the best results.

Von Ray is Blaine's son. Throughout most of the year, Von is running the day to-day operations of TPRS® Books but also travels the country visiting classrooms and training teachers in workshops.  Von has a passion for language teaching and training teachers in storytelling techniques.

Michael Coxon is an experienced high school Spanish teacher that loves all things related to language learning. He loves helping teachers align teaching with TPRS® with the goals and objectives of school districts across the United States.  Throughout the year Michael and Von are working a multitude of projects involving professional development and classroom materials.

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