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neue Schule, neue Freunde

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Anton just moved to Berlin. He is new in school and doesn’t know anyone. He has a problem. Who can help him? He sees Heidi – a girl from biology class. He is nervous, but he walks over and asks her for help. With Heidi’s help and friendship, Anton adjusts to his new school. As he meets new classmates, he is befriended by Felix and Lena – but what are their true intentions? As their relationships grow and change, Anton and his new friends face new realities and challenging decisions. For educators: neue Schule, neue Freunde is a chapter book for beginning language learners. It incorporates thematic vocabulary, embedded elements and dialogue. It is written so that beginning language students can identify with themes and characters as they grow and develop. The book can be effectively implemented with a variety of teaching styles, including: traditional, communicative, thematic, TPRS, CI and others. It is also designed to help facilitate read-alouds, sustained silent readings, student acting, personalization, interaction and more. There are two sections at the end of the book. One section is general comprehension questions over the chapters. The other section is individualized questions designed to give students more practice (with the structures and vocabulary) by allowing the student to engage and respond in a personalized manner. This section is easily expandable and lends itself well for PQA sessions, class discussions and personalization in the classroom.

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