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La llorona de Mazatlán

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La Llorona de Mazatlán – Novel
Level 2 novel written in past tense

Laney Morales’ dream of playing soccer in Mazatlan, Mexico soon turns into a nightmare, as she discovers that the spine-chilling legends of old may actually be modern mysteries. Friendless and frightened, Laney must endure the eerie cries in the night alone. Why does no one else seem to hear or see the weeping woman in the long white dress? Laney must stop the dreadful visits, even if it means confessing her poor choices and coming face to face with…La Llorona de Mazatlán.

Llorona-sample                    Llorona-Glossary

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Total word count: 10,000
Unique word count: 290
Page count: 73

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